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Airmail iOS app

When it comes to email apps, there are plenty to choose from. Many don’t make it to the surface of awareness, but others, like Airmail, manage to garner plenty of attention.

In the case of Airmail, it’s been an OS X desktop app for awhile now, and for many users it has been their go-to option. The developers behind the app have been teasing an iPhone app, and the wait is finally over. Airmail for iPhone, version 1.0, is available right now in the iOS App Store, with a ton of features tagging along for good measure.

That includes for 3D Touch support on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, bringing Quick Actions when pressing firmly on the app’s home screen icon. Those actions include All Inboxes, Search, Documents, and New Message. The app also supports iCloud sync, which means you can set a specific preference in one of the apps, either the OS X version or iOS variant, and have those settings carried over to the other app.

Users have the option to “snooze” emails, too, to let them pop up at a later time. Additionally, Airmail will let users integrate a variety of different services, including Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Deliveries, Fantastical, Dropbox, and others.

Airmail for iPhone is just the start, though, and it includes an Apple Watch app, too. Airmail for iPad is still being developed, but one can hope it arrives soon.

A link to download Airmail for iPhone is available below. It’ll run you $4.99.


  • Airmail for iPhone — $4.99

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