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AppStore approves 1394 new apps in one day

Did a dozen new reviewers join the iPhone App Store review staff off late or are the reviewers on steroids? Last friday saw a sudden spike in the number of iPhone apps that were approved in one single day. On September 18th 1,394 new iPhone apps were approved which is possibly a new ‘Apple record’, though this was not confirmed by Apple. The previous ‘record’ was 947 iPhone apps that were approved on July 30 of this year. 

There has been an apparent trend that is visible in the number of iPhone apps that is approved by the review staff every week. 

  • Wednesdays tend to be the most productive day of the week which is almost the only time when more than 500 apps get approved on a consistent basis. 
  • The worst days are Saturdays when the number of apps approved barely cross the 150 mark. 
  • The average number of apps approved on a daily basis is 296.

Apple has come under constant criticism for the slow approval process. Let us look at this tardiness in perspective. 

5% of the apps are rejected by the Apple. That means, at an average of 296 approvals per day, 312 apps are looked into daily; 2184 per week. With 8500 new iPhone apps being submitted for approval every single week, this means that the Apple is adding close to 6300 iPhone apps in the queue every single week. That is nearly three-fourths of the submission. That ideally means every app takes close to one month to be approved/rejected – something contrary to Apple’s claim that 95% of the apps are approved within 14 days of submission. 

That raises the question, why can’t Apple speed up the approval process? There are close to 40 reviewers on the App Store today and every iPhone app is independently assessed by two reviewers. A review board consisting of people in the higher management meet every week to discuss the approval of controversial apps. Since the iPhone app review cannot be automated for most part, the only way forward for Apple to speed up is to increase the review staff. Numerous other models have been proposed – like having a classification for iPhone app developers and those with ‘credibility’ having to be approved just by one staff while new iPhone apps need to be approved by two. Whatever the case may be, 1394 iPhone apps approved in a day should be the average rather than an App Store record. 

If you are an iPhone app developer, do let us know your experience with the approval process. Also suggest ways how the process can be made more efficient and quicker. 

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