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Apple has just given you a great reason to open up its Maps app by integrating “real-time” animations into its 3D views. Users will find the actual time displayed on Big Ben, and they can watch the London Eye turn as Flyover pans around it.

The new features are purely a cosmetic gimmick. They’re not going to improve the mapping experience in any way, and they’re not really real-time, either; they’re just nifty animations displayed over the top of Apple’s existing 3D and Flyover wireframes.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly cool. Seeing the actual time on Big Ben is kind of mind-blowing at first, and it makes me super excited about what Apple may be planning next.

For now, this and the London Eye are the only animated landmarks we know of, but Apple surely has plans to take this technology further. Other clocks on other famous buildings could turn, and we may even see animated rivers and seas.

While none of it will improve the mapping experience, Apple will be hoping it’s cool enough to distract you from Google Maps. The company has made huge improvements to its own Maps service since it made its debut in iOS 6, and if this can get users giving it a second go, it will be well worth the effort.

[via Huffington Post]

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