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BackForwardList Jailbreak app

One of the desktop Safari features that we miss in Mobile Safari for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is the back and forward navigation history, which allows you to jump directly to a URL from the list.

Currently in Mobile Safari, you can only go to the previous or the next webpage using the navigation buttons at the bottom. So if you want to go few webpages back, you need to keep tapping on the back button.

Thankfully jailbreak tweak aptly called BackForwardList adds this much needed functionality to Mobile Safari.

Here’s a brief description of the app from Cydia:

Yet another Back-Forward list for MobileSafari, implemented as it should be.

* Hold “back” or “forward” button in Safari to launch the list.

* Each item on the list can be deleted by swiping across a row.

* All the items on the list can be cleared by hitting “Clear History” button (Settings > Safari > Clear History).

You can checkout the screenshots below:

You can also set the number of URLs that you would like to see in the navigation history via the Settings app (Settings->BackForwardList)

The jailbreak tweak is available for free from Cydia. It works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and please note it doesn’t add an icon to the home screen, but you will magically start seeing the navigation history when you tap on the back or forward buttons.

We hope that you found this jailbreak tweak useful.

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