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Now that even Apple’s Board Member Al Gore has indirectly indicated the launch of two new iPhones this October it is a good time to start looking at options to sell of your existing iPhone 4 (or your iPhone 3GS) if you plan to upgrade to a newer device.

While traditional sites like eBay and Amazon are definitely good options, you also have alternatives like Gazelle and NextWorth, which are portals dedicated to selling used electronic devices. If you’re willing to take credit or gift cards instead of cash, Best Buy and GameStop offer sweet deals for your iPhone. Read on to know what are your best options:


These are the prices that various models of the iPhone 4 are being sold for on eBay:

  • AT&T – iPhone 4 16 GB – $315
  • AT&T – iPhone 4 32 GB – $325
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 16 GB – $269
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 32 GB – $299


Unlike eBay where you have to pay a small amount as fees, a listing on Craigslist is completely free. The current offers on the iPhone 4 start at $300 here. You can even quote a higher price if you’ve jailbroken and unlocked your device.


Amazon offers Amazon.com gift cards as opposed to hard cash.

  • AT&T – iPhone 4 16 GB – $340
  • AT&T – iPhone 4 32 GB – $373
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 16 GB – $308
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 32 GB – $264

NextWorth And Gazelle

These are two very similar services which offer instant cash in return of your iPhone (and all other electronic devices as well). Both ask you for the present condition of your device, depending on which a price is offered to you. For a good condition iPhone 4, Gazelle offers you the following prices:

  • AT&T – iPhone 4 16 GB – $235, black
  • AT&T – iPhone 4 32 GB – $242, black
  • AT&T – iPhone 4 16 GB – $235, white
  • AT&T – iPhone 4 32 GB – $242, white
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 16 GB – $185, black
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 32 GB – $191, black
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 16 GB – $185, white
  • Verizon – iPhone 4 32 GB – $191, white

Giftcard/Store Credit

GameStop had recently introduced a new trade-in program where you will be offered GameStop credit or even cash in exchange of your iPhone 4. Wal-mart, Target and NewEgg.com all have associations with Gazelle or NextWorth where you would be rewarded with store credit in return of your used iPhone 4.

Of course, if you have a factory unlocked iPhone, you can expect over $450 depending on your storage capacity. All these prices are assuming that you have an iPhone in a good condition with very few scratches and no damage.

Remember to erase your device and delete all confidential data from the drive before selling of your device by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ > ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. In case you use games like Tap Tap Revenge which identify you by your UDID (unique for each device) to deliver personalised content and store personal data, remember to sign out of such services. And of course before deleting your data, don’t forget to back it up using iTunes.

So how are you going to sell your iPhone 4?

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