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eBay reports 1.5 million holiday transactions from mobile phones

If there is one thing that this year’s holiday season has emphatically proved, it is the coming of age of shopping via mobile phones.

Following yesterday’s news about App Store downloads reaching record levels this Christmas, eBay too is reporting a very good season.

Thanks to the over 6 million iPhone users who had downloaded the eBay iPhone app, the company today announced a record number of transactions over mobile phones this season.

The eBay iPhone app is among the 100 most downloaded free apps on the App Store. 

In a statement released by eBay, the company says over 1.5 million items were purchased by shoppers from either the eBay mobile site or iPhone app during the holiday season. This is a 300% increase from the number of mobile phone shoppers during the 2008 holiday shopping season. 

So what is helping this increasing popularity of the mobile phone transactions? First and foremost, it is simply the growth in the number of smartphone users. Apple has been seeing record number of iPhones being sold over the past few quarters and with more handsets come more potential shoppers. But this is not the only reason. One of the other very important reasons contributing to the growth of mobile phone shopping is iPhone apps, which have significantly improved the user experience for users to buy things on the mobile phone.

Did you purchase anything on eBay or any other site using your iPhone? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Venture Beat]

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