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Mailbox, the eagerly awaited email management app for the iPhone has just hit the App Store. Mailbox comes from the people behind the to-do app, Orchestra.

Mailbox allows you to manage your emails with an intuitive touch-friendly interface. 

Here’re some of the ways it allows you to manage your email:

  • Quick swipe to the right will remove the email from the Inbox and archive them.
  • A longer swipe will send it to trash
  • A swipe to the right will allow you to put off emails until later, which is essentially a snooze feature for emails
  • Swiping an email further will skip Later and add it to a list
  • You can also tap and hold an email to move it up or down in your inbox

The app is designed to work with only Gmail currently. It’s a refreshing take on how to manage your inbox. Check out the demo video of the app in action, it’s quite impressive:


Unfortunately, even though the app is available in the App Store, you won’t be able to start using it as you need to reserve your spot to gain access. Since the app depends on cloud infrastructure for features like push notifications, handle snoozed emails etc, they are rolling it out in a phased manner.

Mailbox relies on servers in the cloud to do things like send push notifications, make downloading email as fast as possible, and handle snoozed messages. Software that is server-based is susceptible to being overloaded and we want to keep this from happening. This is email, after all, and it needs to work reliably.

We’ve designed the Mailbox service to scale indefinitely, and have done as much load testing as we can. But we don’t know what we don’t know, so we’re using reservations to add people gradually.

After downloading the free app from App Store, you need to reserve your spot. At the time of writing this email, there were already 300,000 people waiting in line.

So if you want to use the app, download it and reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Download link:

➤ Mailbox – Free

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