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iPhone app - Email 'n Walk

iPhone app Email ‘n Walk developed by Phase2 Media is focused on a simple requirement, ‘facilitate e-mail writing while you walk’. Interestingly, the idea started off as an April Fool’s day iPhone app that lets you see where you’re going.

I personally think it’s a very clever use of iPhone’s camera and even though it has some limitations, I think it’s cool.

Well, the operation is simple; you launch the iPhone app when you want
to compose an email while you are on the go. The app screen comes up
with two fields – subject and the text, where you can type the body of
the email. The app activates the iPhone Camera and puts the output as the
background thus giving you visibility of what’s in front, while
you are walking.

iPhone app - Email 'n Walk  
iPhone app - Email 'n Walk

This way you can, not only compose your message but also see the objects or people in front of you. When you are done with the email, just click ‘Send’ and you will be redirected to the ‘email window’ where you can choose whom to send the email to.

I have the habit of typing while I am walking (though I won’t recommend it) and this means that every second or two, I am forced to look up, just to make sure that I don’t bump into anyone or get hit by something. Now, when I tried the same thing on the Email ‘n’ Walk app, I observed the following:

  • The app does what it claims, yes, it does show you what’s in front. But it’s best suited when you are taking a stroll, I won’t recommend it while passing through heavy traffic and most definitely not while you are driving.
  • The app does not have a landscape mode, it would be nice to have an option to type in the landscape mode.
  • The email feature works but it would have been nice to have the capability to type SMS as well.
  • It’s a nice iPhone app but given the camera quality and pixel capacity – the video starts to shake if you walk any faster.

This app was free for a limited time, but now it costs $0.99. So do you think its worth it? Would it be a good idea to have this as a generic feature for other gaming and messaging iPhone apps as well?

We are curious to know your thoughts, so please feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Thanks Egypt and Geogo3r for the heads up!

[Download Email ‘n Walk using this direct iTunes link]

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