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Facebook Connect for iPhone

Facebook’s Dave Morin announced the launch of Facebook Connect for iPhone at SXSW Interactive session. With today’s announcement, the iPhone is the first mobile platform to get full Facebook Connect support .

Facebook Connect will help iPhone developers to easily integrate their iPhone apps with Facebook and will allow iPhone users to connect with their friends on Facebook while using or playing their favorite iPhone apps or iPhone games.

As per the Facebook blog, iPhone apps that integrate Facebook Connect can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Making API calls so your app can access users’ profiles and share information on Facebook.
  • Publishing to Facebook via Feed forms.
  • Asking users for extended permissions, like offline access, so you can still interact with their data when they’re offline.

Some iPhone developers had developed their own (but patchy) method to integrate with Facebook. However, with Facebook Connect for iPhone, developers can make their apps social with just a few lines of Objective-C code.

iPhone Developers can checkout this 5 minute video which shows how they can integrate Facebook Connect for iPhone with their app:

Facebook has announced that developers of iPhone apps/iPhone games such as Agency Wars, Binary Game, iBowl, Live Poker, Tap Tap Revenge 2, Urbanspoon, Who Has the Biggest Brain? and Whrrl have already released updated version of their iPhone apps which integrate with Facebook Connect for iPhone.

As an iPhone user, you will now be able to play and compete against your friends on Facebook or find out which apps your friends are using etc. 

It will depend on iPhone developers to figure out up to what level they want to integrate with Facebook, but I think adding the social dimension to iPhone apps and games will help
developers increase user stickiness to their apps which as per one report is less than 30 days. It will also help spread the word about their iPhone apps with user’s friends on Facebook.

What do you think?

[via Techmeme]

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