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Facebook iPhone App 3.1.3

Facebook has released a new version of their iPhone app that will finally allow iPhone users to watch Facebook videos on their iPhone.

Facebook for iPhone 3.1.3 will also allow iPhone users to view and write on event walls.

Facebook has also fixed some annoying bugs in this version.

Here is the list of new features in Facebook for iPhone 3.1.3:

  • You can now watch Facebook videos.

  • You can now view and write on walls of events.

  • Uploaded photos are now 720px wide.

Facebook has also fixed the following bugs in this version:

  • Could not comment on photos accessed from Notifications

  • Could not upload photos smaller than a certain size

  • No more than 2 notifications were highlighted as unread

  • Status updates appeared out of order in News Feed

  • Broken photo album links in News Feed

  • Birthdays view had months in wrong order

  • Last section of friend list was incomplete if you had fewer than 8 friends

  • Notes with non-ASCII text were cut off at the end

However, the new version of Facebook’s iPhone app is still not compatible with iOS 4, which means that it won’t support the multitasking feature that would allow it to run in the background.

We’re already seeing iOS 4 compatible iPhone apps on the App Store so based on the timing of the update, its disappointing that Facebook hasn’t updated their iPhone app to take advantage of iOS 4 features.

There is still no news about Facebook’s iPad app. We were expecting Facebook to release their universal app, which was designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Here are some of the screenshots of the Facebook’s new iPhone app:

Facebook iPhone App 3.1.3


Facebook iPhone App 3.1.3


Facebook iPhone App 3.1.3

Please don’t forget to drop us a line in the comments to tell us what you think about the new features.

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