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We have a lot of great apps for you today that have gone free on the App Store for a limited time. These apps are from categories like games, productivity and music.

spaces ipad

Shifts is a 4.5 star rated strategy game for the iPad where you’re put in a apocalyptic scenario and it’s your responsibility to find habitable planets and colonise them before the universe ends. $1.99 -> Free

reachfast ios

ReachFast Contacts is a much better interface to your contacts data, letting you swipe right to message, call in just one tap, two taps to FaceTime, and search that improves as you use the app (based on who you contact more). $4.99 -> Free

banana kong ios

Banana Kong is a very popular game on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad with a rating of 4.5 stars. You play as “Banana Kong” who has to run, jump, bounce and swing on vines to outrun a banana avalanche. $.99 -> Free

instaplce ios

Instaplace is a companion app to Instagram that lets you take photos of places you visit, and adds beautiful text overlays on it, which you can then post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. $1.99 -> Free

audessey ios

Audyssey Media Player is a media player for the iPhone and iPad that applies the company’s “professional audio technologies” used in IMAX theatres to optimise sound for each type of headphones. You’ll have to first choose the headphones you own (the app supports 50 brands and 215 models), and then the app will tune the audio to sound better. $.99 -> Free

We hope you liked the selection of apps posted here. If you have other great apps that have gone free or are on sale, please tell us in the comments below.

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