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Google Maps 1.0.0

Google Maps is the still the crowd favorite over Apple maps and few days back Google released Google Maps 2.0, which includes a number of new features and improvements such as iPad support, enhanced navigation, indoor maps etc.

Here are 10 features and tips that will allow you to use Google Maps to its full potential.

1. Place a pin on the Map

This can be done by just tap and holding and location on the map and once the pin is in place it allows you to open an info sheet with additional options, like saving the location, route to that location, and even a street view.

2.  Street View

Street View allows you to get a real-life look at the location.  Once a location is selected, just open up the info sheet and tap the “Street View” picture, if it’s available.


3. Swipe to See More

Sometimes the place you’re looking for has multiple locations in the area, like a Starbucks. So if you were to search for “Starbucks” it will show you all the locations near you.  Simply tap on 1 location and tap on the info sheet.  If you’d like to see additional results, just swipe the info sheet to the left to get the info on the next location.


4. Access Views

You have the ability to check out different views for your map as well. By tapping on the grabber at the bottom left or by swiping from left to right on it, it will give you access to traffic, public transit, bicycling, and even a satellite view.  If you have Google Earth installed on your device, you can access that as well.


5. Preview Steps while Navigating

This is a feature that’s still in beta mode, so it’s possible you will run into some bugs as some point, but the idea is really simple.  If you start a preview of your directions to a certain location, you’re able to preview the upcoming route by swiping the top bar to the left (you can tap Resume to return to the start).

6. One Finger Zoom

You can zoom in and out with 1 finger just by double tapping a location, holding on the second tap, and drag your finger up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

7. Work & Home

It’s really simple to save your work and home address in Google Maps.  Just tap the “My profile” button next to the search box and you’ll be able to save them for quick use later.

8. Compass Mode

Compass mode can make a map easier to read because it makes the map point the directing you’re facing.  Just double tap the “My Location” button and voila, the map orientates itself to where you’re located and what direction you’re facing.


9. Save a Place

Tap a location that you want to save, open the info sheet, and just tap “Save” or Star icon on place info sheet. Saved places sync across all of your devices and will appear on the map and on your search results.

10. Save Offline Maps

Saving maps for offline use can come in handy for travelers that don’t want to rack up roaming charges in different areas.  If you’d like to save an offline map, just zoom in the area you want to save, then type in the search box “OK Maps” or even “okmap”, hit search and it will begin saving that location for offline use.  You can access it just by going back into Google Maps and going to that location when your device is offline.

Check out the video walkthrough of these features below:

So hopefully you learned something here that will make your Google Maps experience a little easier and little more efficient.

Do you use Google Maps or Apple Maps & why? Let me know in the comments!

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