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Google Translate app for iPhone

Google had released Google Translate for iPhone as a web app that was developed by an engineer in his “20-percent free time”, back in August 2008.

But today it has finally released the Google Translate native iPhone app in the App Store, which has all of the features of the web app, plus some significant new additions designed to improve your overall translation experience.

Google Translate for iPhone comes with the following features:

  • Translate text between 57 languages
  • Translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (15 languages)
  • Listen to your translations spoken aloud (23 languages)
  • Display translations in full screen mode to make it easier for others nearby to read
  • Star your favorite translations for quick access even when you’re offline
  • Access your translation history even when you’re offline
  • Spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji)
  • View additional dictionary results for single words or short phrases

If you’re a fan of Google’s translation tools then you’re going to love this app and the best part is that it’s free. You can download Google Translate from the App Store using this iTunes link.

It’s good to see Google slowly releasing native iPhone apps for their products rather than sticking with iPhone web apps as research has shown that iPhone users prefer native apps over web apps. We’re eagerly waiting for Google to release the Gmail app for iPhone.

As always, please give us your feedback on Google Translate for iPhone in the comments.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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