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Ingress for iOS

Google has finally released Ingress, its augmented reality game for iOS.

It was released for Android devices in April last year, and had heard that it would be coming to iPhone and iPad last October.

In case, you haven’t heard about Ingress than here’s a brief description:

The game pits players around the world against one another as two teams, The Enlightened and The Resistance; players uncover clues about some mysterious new technology (a live story with new clues from Google every week) and claim local landmarks in the real world for their chosen side. Ingress players score points for their teams by exploring meatspace and collaborating with total strangers, both online and off.

If you want to get started, then I would suggest checking out the Ingress Manual that has been put together by folks at Decode Ingress. It provides the basic information you will need to join the battle for your faction, including Ingress itself, Factions, Interface, Items (Resonators, XMPs, Mods, etc), Actions, Portals, Links, Control Fields, Leveling, and Exotic Matter(XM).

You can also check out the two short videos embedded below on how to play Ingress.

Ingress is available in the App Store for free. You can download it using this direct iTunes link.



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