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The iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch all have a trademark (literally) on minimal design with just one button on the front face of the device, and a few on the side. While this looks great aesthetically, to ensure that all actions can be performed using buttons, a number of them have to be overloaded with multiple functions.

The home button is perhaps the best example of this overloading, performing various actions depending on the current state of the device, as well as the number of times it is clicked. You’re obviously familiar with the actions performed on a single and double home button click, but there’s even a triple home button click which can perform accessibility related actions.

The multiple clicks, by default, have to be performed within quick succession, making it somewhat difficult to perform triple clicks, and even double clicks in certain cases. The problem is compounded further if you have a faulty home button.


With iOS 6, Apple introduced a way to slow down the home button click speed, making it easier to double or triple click. Here’s how you change the home click speed:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to General > Accessibility
  3. Tap on “Home-click Speed” and choose between the three different speeds.

Your iOS device will vibrate (provided it does have a vibration motor) to indicate the required click speed.

There is an expected downside to the slow click speeds though — iOS will take more time than usual to respond to your single clicks as well. But you should get accustomed to the delayed response once you’ve used your device with the slow speed for a decent amount of time.

[via OSXDaily]

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