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iOS 5 Notifications

One of our favorite iOS 5 features is the revamped iOS 5 Notification system, especially the Notification Center as it finally makes it a lot easier to keep track of new notifications.

However, one minor annoyance at times is the iOS 5 banner notifications that show up at the top of the screen in-app and on the homescreen, as there have been quite a few instances where we’ve accidentally tapped on it.

Rene Ritchie over at TiPb.com has figured out a way to handle the banner notifications:

Touch and pull down slightly on the banner, then flick it up and away. (You’re really activating Notification Center for a moment, but it has such a terrific, tactile feeling to it.)

Rene also talks about another method but it seems to be less reliable than the above method:

“Swipe” from right to left. (You’re really not swiping, it’s a subtle down up motion that’s a faster but not as reliable version of the above.)

The video should give you a better idea and let us know which one works for you:

We still hope that Apple figures out a better way to handle the iOS 5 banner notification to avoid accidentally tapping on them.

[iDB via TiPb]

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