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Regaining access to the hacked Instagram account was one of the many struggles users faced with the platform. Instagram has finally decided to tackle the issue by making a series of changes. Last year, Instagrammers were stunned after they were automatically logged out of their account. It was alleged that Instagram accounts were getting hacked.

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The new changes are aimed at helping Instagram users regain access to their hacked accounts. As part of the effort, Instagram is offering a recovery tool that is built right into the app. The new feature will also work if the users are locked out of their account. The recovery tool asks users to enter other details like phone number and email address associated with your account. That being said, the new feature is currently in testing and will soon be rolled out for all Instagram users.

In the next step, Instagram will send a verification code to your email address or phone number. With the help of verification code, you can log in to your Instagram account while the hacker will lose access to the same.

Our Take

More than often Instagram account hacks are a painful ordeal for the user. Influencers and others with a large number of following might end up losing all that they have built over the years. It is good to see Instagram proactively dealing with the issue. Previously, the recovery codes were being sent to hackers email address (they changed it soon after hacking the accounts). The new tool addresses this issue and hopefully, it will be much more efficient than the previous methods.

It is also learned that hackers often target accounts with a shorter username. They change the user name and create a new account with the same username as the hacked account. Once this is done, the hacker sells the new Instagram account. Instagram is apparently tackling this issue by blocking the previously used username for several days. All said and done, these are good measures that will make hacking Instagram accounts more difficult in the future.

What do you think of the new way of reclaiming Instagram account? Do let us know in the comment section.

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