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YouTube - Redesigned app

It’s been just about a day since Google released a redesigned YouTube app, and so far the rating system has been having a tough day.

The update brought with it, first and foremost, a new look, adding the YouTube app to the plethora of other Google products that feature the new “Material Design.” It also added some editing tools for iOS users, which is certainly a welcomed addition, but so far the reviews left on the app through iTunes are not going so well for Google.

Many reviews are pointing out their displeasure with the new design, with many really not enjoying the huge red bar at the top of the app. One review even starts with, “How not to design an interface.” There are several different reviews that call out the new design, with displeasure the running thread between them.

The other complaint is the new design’s navigation, which apparently adds new swipes and taps for getting around the app, which some are saying actually adds unnecessary motions when the same content was previously accessible. As TechCrunch points out, one review states:

“Now I have to press a back button to go to a different channel,” laments one iTunes reviewer, summing up the overall sentiment succinctly. “Basically, this update got rid of all of the simple functionality that the app had, and replaced it with big pictures and pretty colors.”

Add to that, many users are pointing out that Google didn’t take this opportunity with the upgrade to add iOS 9-specific features, including picture-in-picture support. The new app doesn’t even support Slide Over or Split View, as some have pointed out, another fault in their eyes.

Here are just a few tweets showcasing their dissatisfaction with Google’s new YouTube app:


Have you tried out the new YouTube app? If so, what do you think of Google’s changes?


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[via TechCrunch]

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