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iPhone app store gets additional layer of security to check private API use

Despite the number of cases where iPhone apps have been wrongly either accepted or rejected, there has apparently been one segment of iPhone apps, those that use private APIs, that managed to sneak in quite a few times even though Apple expressly forbids them. 

That could change now. Folks at Gizmodo are reporting that the iPhone App Review process has now got an additional layer of approval that is automated. This software, called the Static Analysis Tool scans the submitted iPhone apps for use of API calls other than what is available for public use and flags those apps that make use of these private APIs. 

Though this additional layer of automation comes at a time when we have been asking for slackening of the app approval process, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Private APIs have been used in the past to compromise iPhone user privacy by scammy applications. Also, Apple can change private APIs in the next iPhone OS update without informing developers, which could result in breaking their iPhone apps.

However, with only a manual review staff in place, scanning through each and every submitted app for use of private APIs had been a tedious and time consuming process. By automating this potential bottleneck, Apple can not only secure possible loopholes in apps approval but also speed up the entire approval system. 

While we see this as a positive move, we would like to hear your opinion on this additional layer in app approval. Do you see this as a good thing? Please tell us your opinion. 

[via Gizmodo]

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