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Have you been in a meeting when you get a call on your iPhone? Want an easy way to redirect the call to the voicemail or silence the ringer?

Then check out the iPhone tip after the jump.

I am sure many of you already know this like the last iPhone tip about adding extensions to a telephone number on your iPhone.

However here it is in case you didn’t know.

If you want to send the call to the voicemail, simply press the
Sleep/Wake button twice to send the incoming call to the voicemail.

can also do this with your iPhone’s headset, all you need to do is
press the microphone button twice when you get a call.

If you get a call and you want to silence the ringer, then use the small switch on the top left-hand side of the phone. Simply flip this switch down towards the bottom of the phone to silence the ringer. An on-screen icon showing a bell with a line through it will appear to confirm that the ringer is off.

If you have the vibrate function turned on (Settings -> Sounds), turning off the ringer will cause the phone to vibrate when calls come in. If vibrate is turned off, the phone will simply stay silent if a call comes in.

There is another way to silence the ringer (find them easier). When you get a call, simply
press the Sleep/Wake button or one of the volume buttons. This will
immediately silence the ringer.

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