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moov-main Moov is an upcoming wearable device that is part fitness tracker, part personal trainer. It uses 9-axis sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer, to track both your motion and your form (posture) while you exercise or play one of the supported sports. Moov can be worn on various parts of the body depending on the sport or exercise that is being monitored. The device will analyze activities like running, weight lifting, boxing, swimming, and biking at launch, with support for additional sports planned after launch. Moov connects to companion iOS apps using Bluetooth LE and provides real-time feedback on your performance, much like a personal trainer.

Moov operates like a virtual coach – it “sees” your motion and systematically “tells” you how to correct your form. Think of it as a GPS for your workouts – if you are a runner seeking to improve your running form, attach Moov to your ankle. Moov will help you to reach your goal of improving your running form by giving you instant feedback on your running form and correcting you when you are running sloppily or dragging your heel on the ground, for instance.

Moov syncs automatically to your iOS device when it is in range and will track both your active and sedentary periods. When it notices that you are idle for too long, it will send a notification to encourage you to get up and move.

The Moov tracker is available for pre-order in limited quantities at its 50% off pre-launch price of $59.99. The device is expected to ship in the Summer of 2014. You can see how it works in the video below.

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