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mSpot, the cloud based music streaming service has been around for quite some time now. The service, which was released back in June 2010 allows users to store their music online and listen to it anywhere, anytime including on their mobile devices.

Until yesterday, it only supported Android based smartphones and tablets. Earlier today, however, they announced that mSpot is available for iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4 and above. 

Owners of all these devices will now be able to stream their own private music collections stored on the cloud servers of mSpot to their iDevices.

If you are wondering how different this is from similar sounding services like Rhapsody, let us reiterate that the music you stream from mSpot’s cloud are user uploaded ones. This is unlike Rhapsody which allows you to listen to music that is available in their music library. In case of mSpot you have complete control over your music since you “own” it. Users upload their own music using the mSpot desktop client from their PC’s (or Macs) to mSpot’s cloud. Once that is done, you can simply stream your music from the cloud – to any supported device, whenever you require it. This might prove to be particularly useful for people who fall short of storage locally on their iPhones and would not mind paying for some extra for instant music access from the cloud.


mSpot also features an interesting “airplane mode”, which allows users to download songs from their servers to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and played back later when you do not have Internet connectivity. mSpot’s desktop application automatically syncs newly added songs to your playlist on your PC to mSpot’s servers. mSpot is a freemium service. It allows users to upload 2GB worth of music for free. If you have a larger music collection, you’re better off with the $3.99 per month plan that offers you’re a decent 40 GB of space.

Now that mSpot is here, it is equally perplexing to us as to why Apple has not implemented a cloud based service in iTunes until now. People had hoped of such a service soon after Apple acquired Lala, a company that offered services similar to mSpot. However, Lala was shut down a few months after the acquisition. With the recent data center acquisitions however, Apple does look well poised to bring a cloud storage option (subscription based of course) to iTunes sometime soon. Surely, it would have been more useful to people than say something like Ping, which did not ruffle many feathers.

You can download mSpot using this iTunes link and let us know whether you plan to use this service on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

[Via mSpot]

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