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A new app with hidden Game Boy emulator has sneaked past Apple’s app review teams. This time it’s “Earthquake 7” an app that claims to display earthquake alerts on a map, but really packs the emulator for Game Boy Advance.

After you’ve installed the app, simply type “gba activate 638” and tap on the Return key to initiate search to unlock the GBA emulator. This will bring up the Games tab, which will show up all GBA ROMs that you’ve added to the app using iTunes File Sharing feature, tapping on them will launch the emulator and load the game. It works on both iPhone and iPad, but requires iOS 7 or above.


The app is available for $1.99, so if you’re a retro-gamer who doesn’t have a jailbroken device (or didn’t get the non-jailbreak way to work), purchase this quick, since we expect Apple to remove this app very soon.

Update 1:

It looks like it unlocks the Game Boy emulator, as the GBA ROMs are not working, however the GBC (Game Boy Color) ROMs are working fine.

Update 2:

Not surprisingly, the app has been removed from the App Store.

Download link:

➤ Earthquake 7

[HT – iDownloadBlog]

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