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Some time ago I came across iPoe a universal app with three interactive Edgar Allen Poe stories (complete with music and effects) and not only did the app completely creep me out, but it also blew my mind with the potential to bring stories to life. A new app iPoe 2 is out with three more stories and with the new TV show The Following featuring the works of Poe as a central plot device…well maybe you’d like to refresh your memory of Poe’s works.

I wrote about iPoe last summer for another blog and everything I said then holds true now. For a paltry $2 you get a completely immersive experience while reading (heed their advice, listen with headphones on for the best experience). The animations and little features like interactive parts of the pages (I won’t spoil you finding them yourself), just make this app enthralling.


When it launched iPoe Vol 1 included four Poe classics:

  • The Oval Portrait
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Masque of The Red Death
  • Annabel Lee

Plus a biography of Poe and a sketchbook from the illustrator. With iPoe 2 you get:

  • Hop Frog
  • The Black Cat
  • The Raven

Plus more illustrations from the sketchbook (I’d love to know how the artist works) and more about Poe himself.

Yes, iPoe 2 is completely new and separate app. So another $2 to spend. I haven’t dug into the app much, but just launching The Raven…I am not disappointed. Perfectly creepy music. Sound effects connected to each page. Tap and doors open. Pictures move on the walls (not The Raven, but others). Worth $2? Oh most certainly yes.

Below are a couple clips the app creators have on the iPoe website and these should give you a feel for the animations and the attention to detail:

So, if you’ve started watching The Following and want to understand more about how Poe (and all the references to Poe in the story) figure into the plot, I think you’ll really enjoy these books. Myself I’m going to fire up volume one and two and re-read them both.

With headphones.

And the lights on.

Download links:

➤ iPoe 1

➤ iPoe 2

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