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The iPhone is my go-to camera to capture all those dope moments in my life. But every so often I want to clean out my camera roll and get rid of those old or not so awesome pictures. You can do this the standard way, by going into your camera roll and deleting pictures by album or individually, but why not make it a little more fun?

Quickly manage your Camera Roll with familiar gestures 

If you ever used Tinder, then you are familiar with the swipe method of keeping what you want and discarding what you don’t. With Flic (iTunes link), you can manage your camera roll those same fun and familiar swipe gestures — simply swipe left to trash and swipe right to keep.

Flic - Gestures

Previously a paid app, you can now download Flic for free (contains in-app purchases) in the App Store. Flic provides a snapshot of the image including a large thumbnail, the size of the photo, and the date the photo was taken. This way you can see how much space each photo is taking up on your phone.

Flic - Clear - Storage

When you have completed your photo purge, the total amount of space cleared will appear at the top of the screen. But if you are free user like me, you may only delete 100 per day. That’s plenty for me, but some users may hit that barrier more often.

Flic - Photo Limit

While Camera Roll’s internal photo management system is adequate, Flic makes it fun to keep and discard your photos while providing you pertinent information about each one. Flic could be even better if it wasn’t bogged down with in-app purchases.

Fotor - In-app Upgrade - Premium

Only premium users, those who buy the $1.99 version, can navigate by month, mark favorite photos, and “Flic” unlimited photos. Nevertheless, Flic is a nice app that adds a new layer to managing your camera roll.

How do you manage your Camera Roll? Would Flic be a nice alternative? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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