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Rockmelt is geared to be something like Flipboard that also wants to be a browser. It started out on the iPad in October and now has made its way to the iPhone. Verdict: Could be a good way to waste some time.

Maybe I’m getting jaded, but I don’t really need another app to tell me what my friends think is interesting. Or what news is trending on social networks. That said Rockmelt for iOS (since it covers both iPad and iPhone now) is interesting. Not that I’ll use much after today.

The catch phrase for today’s announcement is that Rockmelt on the iPhone is “all thumbs” as in…you just need your thumb to browse. Here’s the YouTube video for the launch:

No question, it’s a lovely app. The UI is nice. It’s fast and responsive (just as Rockmelt said it would be). However, I can’t help think and ask—Do we really need another discover browser?

I think not.

Since the goal of the app is really just to find new things, I just don’t see how it is going to unseat apps like Flipboard or Zite. Heck since the stream is based on my Facebook and Twitter profile (and therefore who I’m connected on those sites) I’m not seeing anything I really couldn’t see elsewhere.

Great app, cool concept, not needed.

iTunes: Rockmelt
Via: CNET and Engadget

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