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Textfree iPhone app surpasses one billion text messages

Pinger, the developer of popular iPhone apps such as Textfree, Hottest Free App and Doodle Buddy have announced that the company has reached profitability. 

The news comes on the sidelines of yet another milestone for the developer’s flagship app, Textfree, which has now surpassed the one billion text messages mark. 

Textfree was launched in May of last year as an application that will let users send free text messages to any mobile number in the US as well as receive free replies. The iPhone app comes in two versions: Lite and Unlimited(paid). Users of the free Lite version will be able to send a maximum of 15 text messages per day while paid users may avail ad-free unlimited texting for a price of $5.99 per year. 

While the level of profitability is still unknown, Pinger says the company makes sufficient revenues through several channels like in-app advertising, paid downloads, referrals and through in-app purchases. 

While Textfree is no doubt one of the more popular among Pinger’s iPhone apps, other apps are pretty popular as well. In December of last year, ten of Pinger’s 14 apps made it to the top 100 apps list at the same time. The company says there have been 15 million app downloads in all till date and the company serves close to 300 million ad impressions on a monthly basis. 

Pinger’s story reinforces the true potential of the app economy and how the iPhone App Store has revolutionized this market. With the imminent launch of iPad, the opportunities for app developers can only increase from here. 

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