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Twitter today updated its iOS app to version 5.5, adding support for its newly announced card types, which let app developers deep-link their apps into tweets. These deep-links enable users to install or launch an app right from a tweet by simply tapping a link.

To better explain the feature, Twitter shows this example of a tweet from Path, which lets users install the app without leaving Twitter. This feature will be rolling out to users over the next several days, and will require some effort from the app developer’s side as well. Current partners include Path, Flickr, SoundCloud, Vine and FourSquare. Facebook added similar functionality for advertisers a few months ago.

twitter cards app install

Twitter also introduced a few new types of “Twitter Cards” as described on its developer blog:

  • App: Show information about your app, including app name, icon, description and other details like rating or price. Just give us your ID and we will display information about your app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Product: Represent products by showing an image and description, along with up to two customizable fields that let you display more details like price or ratings.
  • Gallery: Represent an album or collection of photographs via a preview of the photo gallery. This card indicates to a user that a gallery has been shared, rather than just one individual photo.

Here’s the entire changelog for the update:

– Twitter for iPhone now helps you discover, install and launch your favorite apps from Tweets. This update also includes the following improvements:
– Faster launch times and general performance upgrades
– “Retweeted by” in Tweet detail is now tappable
– Fix for reply-to-self in conversations
– Fix for bug that prevented undoing retweets in some cases

Download link:

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